Real Time Funding & Debit Card Processing Solutions Built For Lenders

Increase funds availability and accelerate the lending process with real time funding and instant debit card processing for state-licensed lenders.

Payliance is a strategic fintech partner that offers customized debit card processing solutions to lenders for loan funding, loan repayment or collection of defaulted debt. Payliance provides:

  • Real time funding solutions to reduce wait times and cash requirements by instantly pushing funds in real time to borrowers.

  • Least cost routing technology minimizes the cost of payment processing and maximizes debit card processing efficiency.

  • Unmatched nationwide coverage provides lenders with transaction support across all debit card networks.  

  • Instant verification tool helps reduce fraud through CVV and address matching while providing an estimate on when funds will be available to a borrower.

Request a consultation to discover how Payliance helps lenders improve internal cash flows, and reduce bad debt with streamlined debit card solutions.

Accelerate Debit Payment Processing