Enterprise-Grade Risk and Payments Solutions that Scale

Accelerate performance across your entire payments lifecycle.

Payliance offers a comprehensive and customizable payments-as-a-service platform that gives retailers a competitive edge—from authorization through recovery.

  • Verify account information in seconds to grow your customer base faster.
  • Streamline your re-payment processing to recoup funds more efficiently.
  • Decrease your charge-off losses while improving the customer recovery experience.

For over 30 years, Payliance has been the trusted partner of large-scale lenders for payment processing, verification and recovery. Now, we're ready to help you take your Buy Now Pay Later, POS Financing, Pay in 4 or Rent-to-Own business to the next level. 


Increase your revenue without unnecessary risk
You need to approve customer purchases quickly and reliably. You also can’t afford to approve high-risk or fraudulent transactions.
With Payliance’s payment verification solutions, you don’t have to sacrifice one priority for the other. We provide fast, frictionless and reliable validation of cards and bank accounts so you can approve more customers with confidence.
Streamline repayment processing
You need to process payments and recoup funds in the most reliable and efficient way possible. Anything less wastes valuable time, money and resources.
Payliance’s team of experts collaborates with you to refine your payments strategy. We help you optimize your payment flow, clear rates and transaction costs while meeting compliance requirements. It’s efficient, reliable and low-cost—all in one package.
Automate your recovery strategy to improve profitability
Traditional recovery strategies are time-consuming and costly. Your recovery team is under pressure to deliver results in a consumer-friendly and compliance-focused way or risk settling for pennies on the dollar.
Payliance uses a one-of-a-kind recovery technology that is non-intrusive and non-telephony. Our automated approach schedules payments when your chances are greatest to collect, reducing charge-offs while maintaining customer relationships.
Scale your business, your way
Stop relying on cobbled-together, off-the-shelf payments solutions to address your unique payments lifecycle. 
Payliance offers a comprehensive payments platform backed by a US-based account team. The result? A turbocharged payment process that is tailored to your specific needs at every critical touchpoint.

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